Florida Vegetation Management & Infrastructure Repair Services

Landscaping & infrastructure maintenance for government agencies & utilities
Midwestern Construction Inc. provides cost-effective roadside beautification, maintenance, and repair services. We are a FDOT pre-qualified company with strong, longstanding professional relationships with government bodies, landscape architects, and project managers across the state.
Our primary services include:
  • Grass & sod installation
  • Soil & mulch installation
  • Tree & bush planting
  • Tree & bush trimming
  • Addressing canopy overhang
  • Eliminating weeds & invasive plant life
  • General landscape maintenance
  • Resolving roadway line-of-sight problems
  • Irrigation
  • Fencing
  • Grading
  • Water drainage solutions
  • Sidewalk, shoulder, & other infrastructure repair
  • Line clearing & other utilities assistance

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State of Florida General Contractor CGC 1515248
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